Friday, 25 September 2009

Work in progress.. The Bride!

Here's a work in progress for ya!

Hey Hey we're the... Beatles?

I've been suffering from "Illustrator's block" a bit lately.. It's funny because every time it happens I start to panic about it, then try and force out some drawings... which of course, never works! Here's a couple of doodles that have been inspired by an old friend of mine (who happens to be a big Paul McCartney fan, and of course The Beatles) Jane, who lives in France.

I'm liking the little modern day "Yoko" behind John... or is it Ozzy and Sharron?

war of Words.. ARMED

DAY LATE... MY FAULT.. Dave's splendid 'bunny & clawed' entry came in on time... and bloody marvelous it is too.. very inventive work coming from my esteemed colleague! I couldn't get a blinking song out of my head again when I heard the word.. for 'Armed' it was the 'Cramps' track "Bikini Girls with Machine Guns"... and a great song it is too.. for the second part of my inspiration for this weeks word I took a look at Andrew Bawidamann's fabulous art... and then promptly butchered it!  Waaahahahahahhaahhahaha!!!!

New word for next weekums is... BOTTOM... Woohoo!!!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

It's all Dave's fault..

I felt left out by not doing a naked lady for 'Season'.. so here's another picture for it.. this time.. of a lady... who's not naked! (for a change). I really like this pose.. not sure what that leg is up to... but I bet it's not good!

I must learn to draw feet soon.

Mr Skellington.. REBOOT

What's this? What's this?...

War of Words.. SEASON

Right.. let's get down to business straight away.. Dave gone and done a naked lady.. a Witch to be precise.. inspired by a song... a song by 60's Kaftan wearing, curly haired, hippy dippy DONOVAN.. a song called "Season of the Witch".. reason enough me thinks to draw a naked lady.. and I damn well wish I'd have thought of that!!

Incidentally Dave.. I love the fact that she's hiding her nubbins from that lecherous looking demon, but is quite happy to gambol through the forest with her front bum hanging out... she's a classy girl!

Me?.. I went for a tribute to Tim Burton and Jack Skellington.. I also produced this in marker rather than as a digital piece.. and that's a first ladies and gentlemen!!

Sneaky Sneaky Part 1

Cast your minds back a few posts, when I uploaded a sketch of the Joker and Batman.. Well, finally I can reveal what they were for.. There is a project called 'Mailmeart' which basically asks artists to submit work as mail.. i.e- using the envelope AS the art... hang on, this is confusing me now.. anyways, when I've finished rambling, head over to to see what I'm wittering on about. It's a really cool project that links into an exhibition and a chance to get published in the next book.

My idea was to use a DL window envelope and make it a bit more interactive. Above (and below) are some shots of the process as I put the artwork together, from rough sketch to posted item.


Sneaky Sneaky Part 2

The idea behind this was to use the DL Window Envelope as Arkham Asylum, with all the bad guys inside. When you open it up and release them all there is a card with Batman saying 'Curses, you've let the scum of Gotham City loose!'.

I just thought it would be a little more interactive than just sending an envelope that had been illustrated to the site. Just hope they like it enough to include it in the next book.

Incidentally, the released 'bad guys' are crackback stickers! 

Monday, 14 September 2009

Work in progress..

Here's a working illustration for a Blitzkid poster. I say 'work in progress' but by that I mean that Blitzkid aren't touring at the moment because they are drummer-less.. therefore.. no dates to put on the poster (doh!).

Maybe I should have done a 'Drummer wanted' ad for them?

Thursday, 10 September 2009

More mixed nuts... and bolts

This was the original image I was working on for 'Mixed'.

War of Words.. MIXED

Another yucky word this week.. and once again deftly interpreted by 2 talented banditos.. (who Dave and I employ to do this work)... 

Just kidding, only I could develop something as creepy and unnerving as Amy Frankenhouse... It really gives me the willies! I had originally intended producing a Frankenstein piece (mixed up body parts?) and when doing the sketch I jokingly doodled a Beehive hairdo on it... realizing how much it resembled Amy Winehouse, the idea developed from there..

Dave has splendidly revisited an old character (and an even older joke) and produced a smashing comic strip to answer the brief... great stuff it is too!!

New word.... SEASON... it gets worse!!!!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I'm in New Sugar... again!!!

Yay! I'm in New Sugar again.. and this time it's a special edition of the magazine, made up of cover designs by participating artists.. click on the link and see if you can spot my effort.. I'll give you a clue.. it's got boobies in!!!

Friday, 4 September 2009

More Zombina action...

Been doodling some Horror guitar playing characters.. here's the first one I've finished.. and I thought what better way to showcase it than to place it in a Zombina gig poster! I'm really pleased with this character.. it's pretty funky (especially as it's throwing the horns too!).. Bet it'd make a killer t shirt!!

War of Words.. ENTRY

If this weeks word was a wrestling match, Dave would have kicked my hoop again.. 

Thought this weeks word was a real doozy.. then I hit on (what I thought was) a good idea.. paying homage to the old days of endless hours playing Dungeons & Dragons.

But then I saw Dave's entry (no pun intended).. and I must bow down to the master.. this would make a great comedy show skit... (and he finally drew Princess Leia in her slave outfit too!!)


Thursday, 3 September 2009

T Shirts.. T Shirts.. T Shirts...

Bloody T Shirts...

Right.. Here's 3 designs that I've whittled down for a simple T Shirt design. I've got a prototype on the way, so fingers crossed this one will actually look like a T shirt I'd be happy to try and sell!!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Zombina LIVES!!!!!!

It's been too quiet on the Zombina front lately.. but there are a few gigs popping up on their myspace page now.. one of which is an appearance at the Whitby Gothic Weekend.. which sounds awesome!

Here's my poster for it.. paying tribute to Nosferatu along the way!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Where are you Scooby doo?

Finished Fred and Scooby.. and revisited Shaggy... and here they are!

Thundercats are on the loose..

Here's a pic I did of Cheetara from the Thundercats for the 'ArtJumble' blog.