Monday, 31 October 2016

Dead Witches Band poster

Dead Witches feature former members of Electric Wizard and Psychedelic Witchcraft amongst their ranks... the teasers for the album sound awesome! Here's a poster I put together to celebrate their awesomeness...

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Haxans artwork

New duo, The Haxans (Comprising Ash from New Year's Day and Matt from Rob Zombie's band) have an ep out in time for Halloween. It's great! Was inspired to do a bit of fan art for them!

Kroc Gig Poster

British band Kroh have released an amazing debut album this year (ALTARS). Here's a gig poster to celebrate their awesomeness!

Jess and the Ancient Ones Gig Poster

One of the band's videos had a mushroom with eyes in it... Did this graphical style poster based on that image that stuck with me.

Imperial State Electric Gig Poster

I did the drawing a long while back (inspired by Derek Yaniger). Finally found a home for it with this gig poster for Imperial State Electric/Bombus.

I like the typography on this one too.

Earthiness Gig Poster

Listening to fuzz merchants Earthless, I doodled a naked hippy chick. Here's the poster that evolved from the sketch.

Free the fuzz!

DUEL Gig Poster

Love the debut album by USA band Duel. Here's a gig poster I put together.

SAHG Gig Poster

The awesome new SAHG album also has some pretty striking artwork. Which is what I used to feed into this poster design.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Orange Goblin Gig Poster

One of Britain's finest are taking to the high seas. Unofficial gig poster design.

Electric Wizard Damnation Festival Poster

Unofficial poster art for the heaviest band on the planet!

Welcome to the Horror Show...

New business card. Each one is customised with a hand drawn mouth... some may even have googly eyes!

Monday, 3 October 2016

The Aquabats Gig Poster

They're so super rad, I had to put together a poster for their upcoming gig in Anaheim (featuring the cat with two heads).... Oh the horror!!