Monday, 23 June 2008

More Merchandise

If you head on over to-

The nice people at MOO have very kindly added me to their select designer list. This means that you can use my frightful creations to make your own stickers, postcards, gift cards and such.

Go have fun!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Dead Alive!

Did this poster last night. Took one of the zombies from the Dead Pleasures album cover artwork and removed his head (YEAH!!) then simplified it to an outline image and rendered it in Black and White.. for something that looks so simple it actually took quite a while as I was messing with the line and the layout. I went for black and white to keep the cost low if the band wanted to print any flyers to promote it, I also wanted to have a go at creating an iconic image that was reminiscent of the famous Misfits 'fiend skull'. I think I nailed it with this.. it'd make an awesome t-shirt! The band are playing at Peppers in Wrexham on July 5th and it's FREE.. so get your arses down there and cheer them on... See you there!

Friday, 13 June 2008

The Dead shall RISE!

This is an exciting one! The top pic was the brief that I was set by an up and coming British Horror Punk band from Telford- The Dead Pleasures, after I'd pestered them to let me create some artwork for them. I was charged with creating a gatefold CD cover layout for their forthcoming debut album - A Chorus of Corpses (July 2008- Robot Monster records). The middle pic was my rough draft layout for the cover, and at the bottom is the finished, full colour artwork (no tracklisting though and I think that the logo is different now). I worked pretty closely with Billy (the Bassist/Vocalist) to get the picture they wanted, but in all honesty we nailed it pretty quickly. I can't wait for the album to come out (they are a great band- for fans of the Horror Rock Genre) and to see them play at Pepper's in Wrexham at the begining of July!

The Ghastly Ones

This here was a recent personal project I did for a splendid band called 'The Ghastly Ones'. I highly recommend that you check them out at some point (if you're not already familiar with them that is!). I started the project with a doodle of the guitarist in my lunch at work and then put the rest of the band together over the afternoon (when I should have been working!!) before working them up in Illustrator at home. They were playing at Tiki Invasion 2 at the time, so I used it as an excuse to put a poster together. I do a lot of my work like this, but the way I form the characters has changed over time.. I think that my drawing style is loosening up and the lines are more flowing, rather than basing everything on geometric shapes (as you'll see from some of my other work). I was really pleased with this in the end, it came together really well.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Greetings from beyond!!

Howdee Doodee People.
As this is my first post, just thought I'd say hello really. What I plan on doing is keeping (those who are interested) up to date with my developing portfolio of Award Winning artistry!! and boring you silly in the process. I am in the process if re-inventing myself at the moment, and this might be an interesting way of documenting the struggle to become a recognized artist.. did I mention I was Award Winning? I'll dig out a picture of me at the awards and post it to you to prove it.
I have a new website being laid to rest and risen from the grave as I type and also a book of character designs on the way. The fixation with Horror stems from a Christmas Card project I set myself one year (that I may revisit one day) and rolled on from there. I enjoy the subversion of creating relatively cute looking versions of fearsome/feared creatures, as my natural illustrative style is very simple and sits well with the idea.
I also enjoy creating artwork around bands/music (like most Designers/Illustrators).. but I'll go into that a bit more when I post some samples!
You can check out my old website at