Friday, 24 September 2010

War of Words... GHOST

I spoke with Dave the other day and he was explaining to me how he was struggling to work out how he was going to develop his idea for the word from a sketched stage. Well, something definitely fell in to place because his offer for GHOST is absolutely superb! It's made me realize how much I've missed seeing his new work coming through every week.

I experimented in a different way.. I used a character called 'Polychrome' from Dan Brereton's excellent 'Nocturnals' comic (who happens to be a ghost) and set myself an exercise to produce an image of her in the style of 2 different artists. The first of which was Shane Glines and the bottom one of Josh Agle (aka SHAG). In doing the artwork this way it's helped me to understand how they produce their work, the shapes and colours etc.. It's a great way of appreciating what they do on a different level, and also developing my own skills.

Anyway.. let get back to business.. next weeks word... ENCHANTED.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Rock N' Roll

Hail and Kill.. It's the infamous 'Rockfist'...

If the coffin is a rockin'...


The Accidental Tourist

Here's a 'work in progress' for a previously posted sketch. I don't think it's far off, but I just need to do something with the eyes as they are a bit tiny!

She's just a devil woman..

with evil on her mind.... or maybe BINGO?

Thursday, 16 September 2010

War of Words.... Sanctuary

YES!!! It's BACK!!!! Word of the week finally returns (and we're picking up where we left off with the word 'Sanctuary'.
True to form I went with the obvious choice (and the most immediate thought I had when I heard the word) and produced The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Dave wes a lot more experimental and produced a hot Rock Chick in a CULT T-Shirt... If that's too subtle a link for you, they had a hit with a song called 'She Sells Sanctuary' back in the day.
Next week... GHOST... Awesome!!!

Michael J Fox Jnr.

Cant believe I never thought of this before! Inspired by a pretty old post I did of 'Frankenweenie - The Teenie Weenie Terror' here's Keg chomping, Basketball playing, hirsuite horror 'Teenie Weenie Wolf'!


I've been thinking of using this little 'Eddie Munster' style werewolf as my logo/brand identity. Make a funky tattoo aswell!

Tunnel Vision

Here's a work in progress of the Tunnel Troll from the previous post's sketch. I don't know why, but I keep thinking of him as a Grumpy Old Irish born Troll for some reason?

Maybe he floated across the sea on a raft of old bones and came to rest in the tunnel from my walk?

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

More Sketches

Couple more sketch pages to view.. The Middle one of the Frankenstein Footballer is a layout for the ArtJumble Blog, who's word for the week was 'Football'. The bottom sketch was inspired by a route that I walk the dog on. We go through a tunnel that's under a railway and next to a fast flowing stream. Callum (my son) and I often howl like werewolves when we go through to listen to our echos. I started to wonder what the people on the rail station would make of all the noise, and the idea got mixed up with the old '3 Billy Goats Gruff' story and a grumpy old troll under the bridge...

I'm often referred to as being a 'Grumpy Old Troll'... but the sketch doesn't resemble me, he's far to handsome! I'm looking forward to working this one up.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


This is more like it.. starting to shake off the dust now.. Put this together today (from a sketch that appears in a previous post) and really enjoyed doing it.. Initially it was flat colour and no outline details (and the wolf was black) but the beauty of Illustrator means that I can experiment with the design as I'm building it, and this finished piece (I think) would look great in a Children's picture book maybe?

Out on the town

Yet more Catwoman artwork. I think I've boiled this one down to it's absolute simplest form now though. Really pleased with the blatant disregard for anatomical perfection... let's face it, I'm never going to achieve that with my drawing style though!

I'm pretty comfortable in my skin though!

One, Two... Freddy's coming for you...

I Know I've done a couple of takes on Mr Kruger, but this one is most certainly my favourite. Real simple design, basic shapes and super quick to put together, I probably spent more time deciding on the fonts to use!!

If you scroll down a bit you can see the original sketch on a previous post (It hasn't changed much). It's nice to ease back into things though... bear with me wont ya!

Friday, 10 September 2010

more pesky sketches...

I'm starting a Masters Degree at the beginning of October (Illustration for Children's Publishing)
and I'm looking forward to the challenges it's going to bring. That's not to say I wont try and scare the little blighters with some scary monsters along the way!!!
That Information has nothing mush to do with the posted images... I just thought I'd share it with you!
I'm good like that!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Love at first fright..

Let's ROCK!!!!

This is the first digital image I've done in a few months, and it was a bit wierd when I started plotting the outline, but I soon got back into the swing of things.. I wanted my first 'proper' finished piece post to be a statement of intent if you like.... Just to show you that it's business as usual!...
Thank Jebus for that!!

Sketch frenzy 3

Yes, yes.. inventive post title I know... but at least it does what is says on the tin.. More Sketches. The top one was an idea for a Zombina and the Skeletones poster that I'd like to put together soon, maybe for the Abertoir Festival in November.

Sketch frenzy 2

Some more sketches.. certainly going to transfer some of these through to a digital finish. Especially pleased with the 'Elvis Frankenstein' directly above.

Sketch frenzy 01

See... I have been doing bits and bobs!!! Honest!


Hullo Everyone!

Thanks for hanging in there. First of all I'm sorry for the distinct lack of posts over the last 4 months (jeez... that went quick!) but many things have happened, some good and some not so good. Unfortunately the not so good things happend to have been pretty earth shattering for a while, and it's taken a little time to claw my way back out the grave.. I'm almost at the surface now so (ab)normal service will be resumed shortly.

I've been taking stock over the down time and for a while I didn't do any drawings whatsoever, but I've been spending more time with me son (which is priceless). Having said that, the artwork has started to flow a little more fluidly of late, and I've finally gotten round to sorting out the internet at home (which has been the main reason for not posting before now).

So this initial post is to let you know that I'M BACK!!!!

Artwork to follow shortly!

Hope you've all been keeping the fire!