Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Return of the wolf man!

Just out of interest... here's the original sketch of the guitar totting wolf man. Ignore the Michael Jackson zombie if you will.... he's bad! (fnar fnar).

Dead music....

Here's a sketch of a famous dead composer (as opposed to a dead famous composer).


Here's another of the sketches done in the same way as the wolf man.

The howl of the wolf man!

Wow... talk about time flying by! I have been busy sketching for the '30 days' project (like a good boy). But hard drive storage problems are causing me no end of hassle at the moment. Here's one of the sketches worked up. I tried something a little different for this one, in that I coloured it up in photoshop and kept the original sketch, rather than redrawing it in illustrator like normal... really pleased with the result, it's still recognisable as my work, but a little fresher!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Queen of the Deep

Another finished image from the current '30 Days' exercise I'm part of. Very pleased with this too!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Err... still breathing! Chuthulu AND Easter... all in one post!!

Hmm... This artwork funk is soooo bad still! I've been party to a little project over on facebook with a group of artists called '30 Days'... basically a sketch-a-day for April. It's been good, as it's given me a reason to draw. I've been happy with the sketches so far, i need to scan them in and post them... this blog has been inactive for too long. Here are two images from the series that i've worked up... you may notice a theme... and you are right!