Thursday, 26 February 2009

Fangs... part 2.. Dave's Entry

Brilliant!.. Dave's evocative poster for Ken Russell's pervy vampire/worm flick, starring Amanda Donahoe (with her boobs out) is a great representation of the word 'Fangs'...
Well done sir!
Next word.... RUN!

The Cat came back!!

Covers for Issue 2 and 3 of Catwoman for your viewing pleasure!

Really pleased with this set.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Word of the Week (Part 1)

It's part 1 because Dave is pretty busy at work at the moment and needs a little more time to get his entry together.. me.. I did it again.. couldn't decide, so I put together 2 efforts.
Origonally I was going to do a Nosferatu or Christopher Lee entry, then realized that I'd just spent the week drawing naked ladies.. so why not put it into practice..
Please find attached for your viewing pleasure... (cult comic icon) Vampirella.. 2 slightly different takes (though obviously recognisable as my work!).
I'm not posting the next word as yet, want Dave to put his entry in for this week first, so in the meantime... enjoy!

Friday, 20 February 2009

As promised

Here's a few of the many sketches I did for this project.. Heavily influenced by the work of Shane Glines, Bruce Timm, Alberto Ruiz etc..

Comic Cover CHAOS!!!

Man.. I'm on fire!! Here's another cover using an older posted Character design.. Very Noir! I'm loving it!

More Goon!

Here's that picture of The Goon I did the other week put in to context.. witness my mock comic book cover!! COOL!!


Here's one of those nudes I've been working on. they are all pencil sketches, but this one has been worked up in Illustrator (just messing about with brushes) and added in a spot of colour.

Really pleased with it.. it's VERY Bruce Timm/Batman Animated!

Will post some of the sketches later on!

Feel the force!!

Wasn't keen on the previous picture of Darth Vader.. It differed too much from my original sketch (which was so simple).. so I revisited it with a view to retaining the simplicity.. and it looks much better now.

So much so, that I've just done a large format print to go on a wall at home!! Ooh.. how pleased will Pam be!!!

May the force be with you!

Word of the Week... again!

It's that time of the week again, and here are our representations of 'FEAR'.. Dave's idea is brilliant (with a tip of the hat to Tom Gauld) and I wish I'd thought of it!! A veritable feast of fear.. in A to Z form! I love it!

Mine is pretty boring in comparison, I tried to think of an all encompassing image of fear, and failed miserably.. thus I resorted to some Bible bashing.. Let me present to you The 9 Circles of Hell, The Pentagram of telecommunications and the 13 black cat she-devils of satan's own pet shop!... all done in a cutesy-wutesy style for the kids!

New word for next week is 'FANGS'... stay tuned!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Coming Soon!!!?

Another sneak preview here.

This is the proposed design for the first commercially available Horror Business T Shirt.

Full colour, double sided print. Large head shot on the front, with full character shot on reverse. I am awaiting a proof from the manufacturer at the moment, but if it's any good I'll take some pictures and post them. The print quality is really nice on these as they use some fancy whangdoodle type of printing to embed the image into the fiber, so it wont be a tacky iron-on print job.

I'm hoping to do a range of limited edition T's before long, so this is pretty exciting stuff!

Fuck You Threadless!!.... hey, there's a T Shirt slogan in there!!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Meet the band... Finally!

Here they are in all their g(l)ory!

Zombina & the Skeletones!!!!

Friday, 13 February 2009


So here we are again.. Week Three in our War of Words.. This weeks entries for 'EXPECTATION' are represented by Dave's excellent reference to Monty Python.. (Very funny!) and my (more cynical) reference to Hollywood Film remakes! You can check ou more of Dave's work at
As an aside, I can highly recommend that you check out 'This Island Earth' if you get the chance (especially if they decide to remake it anytime!!).
Week 4's word has been chosen, expect nexw eeks entries to represent 'FEAR'..

Thursday, 12 February 2009


Been checking out an artist called Alberto Ruiz (apologies if that's spelt wrong but my eyesight started to fail when I was looking at his work) and it got me thinking about how rubbish I am at drawing the ladies.. Some of my favourite artists are great at it.. Shane Glines, Bruce Timm, Coop, Bawidamann, Ashley Wood.. So I've been doodling more rounded/softer shapes in an attempt to capture a more feminine form in my artwork.

I try not to copy what I see too much as it bastardizes my natural style, so I only scan images by other artists for brief reference before I have a go myself. This is a little 'Dead at 17' in style (without trying) which I'm quite pleased with.

It's been a good test actually as it turns out I tend to avoid drawing women (except Zombina) at all costs.. with this exercise I have no choice. So here's the first working drawing I've been pleased with (and there's been a LOT of doodles!!), Already I can see that the arms are a little odd, but it's certainly not a picture I'm ashamed of... just hope my Mam doesn't see it... or I'll be in big trouble!!


Wednesday, 4 February 2009

BEWARE... the power of the Dark Side!



It's not Hellboy's birthday, and I know he's already been animated.. but this is my damn blog!!

In-between the word war that is gearing up for week three I managed to doodle out a Hellboy picture that I actually liked. As you can see from the sketch the legs were a bit of a fiddle, but it pretty much found it's own way when I put it into Illustrator. I used a few colour gradients on this one just to give it a bit more life!

Yeah.. I'm pretty chuffed with the result, except that the hint of the tail looks like he's got his wang hanging out!!! Ha ha ha ha ha..... oh dear!

Monday, 2 February 2009

War of the Words Part 2


Damn, Mr Higgins near done caught me sleeping with his speedy response to this weeks word "Compensation".. after making me wait right up to the deadline for last weeks effort he's pulled it out of the bag for this week with his rendering of Punk Godfather Iggy Pop, derived from the horrific television adverts he's sold his soul for recently.

These adverts have made Dave so mad, he feels he deserves "compensation" for the insult... Ahh.. see what he did there?.. Clever fellow!

Mine is equally trivial.. It's Greedo's wife and family looking for "compensation" from Han Solo!

Ha.. be warned everyone.. Evil Geniuses at work here!!!!!