Saturday, 29 January 2011

Yeti sketches

I clocked a piece of work over on illustrator Jonathan Edwards blog he produced for the Pictoplasma "Missing Link" project. When I looked into it, it's open to all!! So here are my initial sketches for the Abominable Yeti.. not sure which one I'm going to work up yet though.. my wife says the "top left" one.

The legendary Lemmy

I'm not the biggest Motorhead fan (more a casual one) but I've always respected Lemmy, and it's great to see the band getting a new lease of life with their new CD. Inspired by another article in Classic Rock Magazine I had an idea to draw up Lemmy using my new pen... and here it is!

Heaven's above!!

Got meself one of them Japanese Caligraphic Brush Pens the other week, and finally got round to having a go with it the other day.. It felt a bit strange at first, but I just couldn't stop playing around with it, the way it flows and changes width as you apply pressure to it. It dramatically changed my illustrations as I worked over the rough sketches.

Here's one of the fruits of my labour.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The boy is back in town...

Read an interesting article in Classic Rock Magazine about Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott. It's the 25th anniversary of his death this year.

Here's a drawing I did as a result, although in retrospect it sort of looks like Phil Lynott via (UK Comedian) Keith Lemon.. Maybe that's because I created it solely in Illustrator from various shapes (rather than sketching something out first).

Return of the Band Poster (again)..

Once again I've turned to music to try and lift the veil of creative dimentia. Here is a poster (and an alternative design) for the forthcoming UK tour by Wolf People. I've only just 'discovered' these guys (via a myspace link from the band 'Diagonal') and I'm excitedly waiting for their album to turn up.

The keen eyed among you will see that I cribbed the iconic line up shot from Reservoir Dogs. This has no reference with their music at all, but the image fitted my idea of having some wolf headed men knocking about on the poster.

It's been quite nice to do some illustrative 'design' work for a change!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

The boys are back in town...

Here come the fearsome foursome.. I've narrowed down the potential band name to the following three-

1. The Outcasts 2. The Lost Boys 3. The Victims

Not 100% on any of them, but I guess it's about time I moved on with the project. Ideas for storylines are accumilating, as are the ideas for producing them, so there are exciting times ahead (hopefully).

Peeping Tom

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

War of Words... FROST

Here's a War of Words image for 'Frost' from before Christmas, that through a combination of probable laziness and artistic self loathing never got posted. We have a new word 'COTTON', but due to the current state of my mind, even this War of Words is like pulling teeth at the moment.. so hopefully I'll have something for that by next Christmas!!!!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

A Staggering social commentary?

...or just an illustration of a Zombie?


I'm in the process of setting up a website (finally) to house all my work and I came across this illustration of Marvel's The Lizard I did a lifetime ago. I'm sure I posted it back in the day... but here it is again, just for fun!

Because I like it!

Return of the Band Poster...

WOW... Blood Ceremony AND Ghost on the same bill... in the UK!!! This should be a cracking tour. Both bands are brilliant!

I recently bought a book of Jason Munn's fantastic poster artwork and it got me itching to do some poster work myself (it feels like it's been a while)... Maybe doing a few of these might rekindle the creative spark that is so lacking at the moment..

Let's hope so!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Daredevil's Bad Day

This is more like it.. Had fun with this cheeky sketch, thought I'd mock it up as a Marvel Comic 1 Shot.

Walking Carpet


Still doodling... Still not happing yet though! Here's some twisted attempt at SMAUG from The Hobbit (but you already knew that didn't you!). I'm liking the typography a lot, the golden 'o' linking in with the 'one ring' was quite an inspired touch for me!

Lady in Red

Ho Hum.. Just doodling about, waiting for some kind of creative spark to ignite the fire... sigh