Friday, 28 August 2009

What's new Scooby Doo?

Here's a work in progress for the Scooby Gang.. that was one of the ideas I had for the 'Teenager' brief. Fred and Scoob are being worked on at the moment, and I think Shaggy needs some working over ( I don't think he's long enough!!).. but I like Velma and Daphne a lot.

War of Words.. TEENAGER

Smashing entry from Dave for this week.. really like it.. makes me think that a Buffy Style television series is in order!

Seems that we both found the word a little easier that we first thought this week.. I actually had a few ideas.. but ran with my favourite (nabbed from a Misfits song title) and re-imagined in my own 'Award Winning' style!! The 1950's TV Serial style 'Teenager from Mars'.

New word... 'ENTRY'.... oh by golly!!!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

more KISS

Hullo... Only me again.. New KISS album 'Sonic Boom' due to hit in October.. VERY EXCITED!!! Here's 3/4 of the band I doodled the other day.. I did Eric the Cat.. but didn't much care for it.. so I'll post that one again when I get round to deciding why I don't like it...

PS.. My entry for War of Words is coming along nicely!!.. Also putting together a small portfolio of work to submit to New Sugar with a hope of being featured again.

PPS.. T-Shirt design is ongoing.. It's a lot more difficult to decide on a design that you're happy with than it looks.. The last prototype I had done SUCKED!!!

Monday, 24 August 2009

War of Words.. WINGS

This week turned out to be a doozie! Both of us couldn't get songs out of our heads.. for a while I was wrestling with some Iron Maiden inspired doodlery (Fight of Icarus/Where Eagles Dare) and Dave couldn't shake off James Bond's Live and let die - as performed by WINGS!!.. so he didn't.. and he produced this smashing piece of voodoo hoodoo! Another winner from my esteemed colleague!

I myself toyed with WINGS (the band) briefly.. bastardizing 'Mull of Kintyre' and rechristening it "Mullet on Fire'  with a visual of a flame headed Paul McCartney.... but I felt it was too abstract for people to appreciate.

So there I was struggling again, when I did a doodle of a head.. and some boobies.. shortly followed by a body and a cloak that looked like wings.. then I thought of a Danzig song "Under her black wings'... and was happy again!

New word.. TEENAGER

Thursday, 20 August 2009

The next big children's book character?

Here's a picture I did for this week's ARTJUMBLE blog.. the word was 'Mustache'.. Might make an interesting picture book?

Hmmmm.. I feel an idea coming on!

Sneaky Sneaky!!

Here's a Sneaky Sneaky for an idea I'm working on for A brilliant idea it is too!

Shhhh.. say no more!

I'm particularly pleased with this weeks entry for War of Words too... hopefully post tomorrow with Dave's submission!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Yay.. I'm on the 'Patchwork of Flesh' blog!

Copy and paste the above into your whatsitjig and see if you can spot my work!.. Be a chum and leave a comment and/or vote it into the top ten!!!

this has been a public service announcement.


Saturday, 15 August 2009

War of Words... TIME

Time, time, time... I hated this week's word for some reason. I couldn't shake 'Blade Runner' from my mind.. so i went for it.. tried something a little (tiny bit) different by producing a graphical motif of the Dove from Roy's final scenes (and some of the finest in cinematic history if you ask me!) and added in a statement from earlier in the movie when Brion James character is beating the crap out of Harrison Ford.. "Wake Up!.. Time to die"
Dave proved to be far more successful with the word, not only producing a cracking piece of art, but also bragging about all of the ideas he had for the word over on his blog... Show off!!!
Next week... WINGS... gulp!

Friday, 14 August 2009

Monday, 10 August 2009

War of Words.. SKY

Last weeks entry finally posted.. Dave was very busy with work so things ran on a little.. Still, at the end of the day he submitted a fun (and clever) pic of Harley Quinn (after much deliberation with other ideas!) and for me.. a tribute to Mars Attacks (that needs a little work!)

Next week (... this week!!!) TIME....

Friday, 7 August 2009


I have 5 sets of 5 prints available to buy if anyone is interested.

These are printed on 280gsm Xerox Gloss Stock, signed and numbered.
Run at SRA3 with crop marks for A3.

£5.00 each (inc postage) or £20.00 for a full set.

They are (left to right) - Goblin, Wolfie, Rockstar, Yoda & Tura.

Email me at - putting 'poster art' in the title if you are interested.

I'm hoping to get a T-shirt out soon to compliment the stickers and things you can already buy on and my 2 books at (shameless plug). I aim to issue a series of short run digital prints of my art in the coming months at A3 and A2, and also look to produce some of my music posters for sale too.

Will take some pictures of my shit over the weekend and blog them next week.

Remember, I might be famous one day, so these prints are a steal!! FNAR!

Nude 070809

Another stylized nude illustration

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Is it a bird?.... Is it a... no wait.. I did that one already!

here's my interpretation of Super Mario for this weeks entry over at the artjumble blog!