Wednesday, 24 December 2008

More Christmas

Bugger it.. I missed an opportunity here.. It was pointed out that he should have a Santa hat on... fuck it... I can't think of everything you know...

Happy Christmas.... AGAIN!!!

My Christmas Gift to you!

It aint much I know... but it's a damn sight more than you've given me you rotter!.. Here is a vision of Christmas in the Marvel comics universe (maybe).. and a glimpse at something different I've been working on.. cutesy Super types!... ooh... my secret is out!

Have a great Christmas, and best wishes for the New Year!


Wednesday, 17 December 2008

a Zombina T shirt?

You want one dont you... go on.. say you do... wouldn't it make a lovely present for that special person in your life.. I know I'd like one! Go tell the band that you want one for me!

You would if you loved me.

5 of 5 - sax appeal!

Finally.. Her is the sketch version of X Ray Speck.. Zombina's erstwhile 'live' saxomophonist. This bugger has taken forever to get right, and I'm sure the design will change again when I start working it up in Illustrator. It's all the fault of that bloody sax!

I sent the finished characters for 'Zombina' and 'Doc' over to the band and got very positive feedback from them... they now want to see the whole band... YAY! (hence me pulling my finger out and getting 'Spec' done). If you head on over to the 'Zombina Army' myspace page, you will be able to download them as banner artwork... which is kinda neat!

I also submitted a 'tshirt' layout for the guys based on the zombina character.. I might post that in a bit... seeing as it's Christmas and all!

I have man-flu by the way.. it's not looking good!!!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

In the words of Professor Hubert Farnsworth...


Just to let you know I have been chosen to be featured in issue 3 of New Sugar (coming shortly). I shall post the link on the blog when it's available. Please show your support and go check it out... there is also a little Q & A in there with me too!

Friday, 5 December 2008

4 of 5

Well... finally got the new Zombina CD... BLOODY MARVELOUS! So to celebrate, here is a sketch of the Bass noodler. I've still not finished the drummer picture off yet (I'm so damn lazy!)..

However.. I do have some 'sneak preview' news... my second book (and follow up to my first book!) is shaping up quite nicely... thanks for asking!