Friday, 29 May 2009

Greetings from Japan!

Ash from Useless/Zombina fame asked me if I'd put a poster together for an upcoming gig by bonkers JPOP stalwarts Shonen Knife.. ably supported by Liverpool's very own Zombina and her Skeletone army..

I'm really loving the result.. I set it up as a colour doc and played on the theme of Shonen Knife's most recent 'Superhero' long player and mixed it up with some Sgt. Peppers stylee!!

Ash asked for a Black & White version (for printing up flyers) and even that worked OK to... I'm pretty pleased with myself... and look.. not a horror style character in site (or a Star Wars one for that matter).

mmm... danish pastries!!

Just a quick one!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Strong is the force with this one....hhhhmmmm?

Here he is.. a cross between a Gremlin and a little old lady.... and a tortoise!

Incidentally... new word is ENGLISH...  hmmmmm

War of Words.. CONFUSION!

Just to CONFUSE you (see what I did there) it's a whole day early!!!

Thought I might struggle with this weeks word.. but it seems that both Dave and myself have coped OK with it.. Dave was (once again) pursuing an entirely different idea before setting his stall with this freshly sketched (and suitable disheveled) take on perpetually confused TV detective Columbo!

It's great to see Dave getting more comfortable with showing his sketches to the world.. there was a time that you had to prize them out of his hands to get a good look at them.. and here one is for all to see... and great it is too..

For myself I have gone down the familiar route again.. with a quick rife on the master of confusion.. YODA. Really pleased with this one as it was done so quickly and (for some reason) makes me giggle.. I think it's the expression. I might post the sketch in a bit because I'm feeling the sketchy love that Dave is perpetuating with his entry..

Until next time then...

Friday, 22 May 2009

Manowar.. Manowar... burning down the road...

play it LOUD don't play it LOW.. BLOW YOUR SPEAKERS!!

with ROCK AND ROLL......

war of Words.. KICKING

Dave has decided to question the fabric of reality with his entry for kicking this week.. he admits to having found the word the hardest so far (possible because there isn't an immediate Iron Maiden connection... though maybe he could have done a picture of Steve Harris playing football? HA)... It's still good though!

Having exhausted the physical connotation of the word 'kicking' with my Kung Fu Killas.. I decided to interpret the word as a feeling.. the picture of Jar Jar Binks represents just how I feel when ever I lay eyes on the amphibious fucker.. I want to kick the crap out of it for ruining Star Wars).. and George Lucas for allowing it!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Hail and Kill!

Got my mojo back today.. very pleased indeed! and it's all down to the kings of metal... sorry METAL! That's MANOWAR to those of you not in the know..

Here's Joey De Bass Player to show you how real men ROCK!!.. On 11... in their furry underwear!

Hail and Kill!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

got maul...

meh.. like the head on this one.. having a bit of an illustrative drought at the moment.. not feeling inspired!.. sure it'll pass...

Thursday, 14 May 2009

War of Words.. PILOT

More War this week.. Here are the entries for 'PILOT'.. 2 from Dave again (he's getting very prolific!) based on similar themes.. just different ends of the space/time continuum! More quality work from Mr H. Love the retro styling of 'smoke me a kipper'  by the way.

I went for the comedy Star Wars route. Been watching the Animated show on Cartoon Network and am really enjoying it.. lots of action!! So here's my take on the Imperial Pilot Training Programme... via Blackpool Pleasure Beach!!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

... and speaking of Nostalgia..

Pam's favourite Superhero! In a pop-art stylee!

The King of the night time world!

I keep hearing that KISS are recording new material.. this makes me happy! I've been getting a bit nostalgic with my music lately.. listening to a lot of older bands that I grew up with.. Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Kiss and the like..

The legend..

that is.. BOBA FETT.. I had the winning bid on the Limited Edition 'Droids' Cartoon coloured Animated Maquette the other day on ebay.. and this here is in celebration!

Had fun doing this, relatively quickly put together too. Googled 'Boba Fett drawings' and saw some good stuff out there.. Thankfully remained uninfluenced by them and did my own thing, think it remains pretty faithful to the original character in it's own sweet boxy way!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

War of Words... COUNTDOWN

First up.. Dave and his James Bond Homage... Quite frankly this is the dogs bollocks for me.. brilliant!.. I am in awe of this.. superb work!

Mine's a bit crappy in comparison I couldn't get Flash Gordon out of my mind as soon as 'Countdown' was announced as the word for some odd reason.. I Like elements of it, and the 'feel' of it too (including the blatant reference to Johnny Bravo with my Flash pose).. also like my Brian Blessed Birdman.. but Dave's is sooooo much better!

Next word.. PILOT

Friday, 1 May 2009

Got Wood!!

You cant mess with the best... but I guess I just did.. Here is my rendition of Ashley Wood's glorious 'Les Mort 13'.. so Nyah Nyah!!!