Thursday, 30 April 2009

War of Words... Mistress

Bugger me... Its a veritable festival of Mistress mayhem this week! Both Dave and myself have managed to produce 2 submissions!

The reason for me is that I tried my very best to avoid doing anything relating to  women this week... hence my first entry.. the sad ginger monster... cursed by cruel fate. Then I thought, how can I let the word mistress go without a nod to Elvira (Mistress of the Dark).. what an opportunity missed.. so bugger it! I did a real quick sketch (also posted) and then worked up the illustration (all in about half an hour).. and I love it.. Really glad I did it now.

As for my esteemed colleague Mr Dave... He did 2 entries just because he could... (and it's great to see his confidence growing as we knock out these weekly words).. A great fetish girl (very well thought out with the background, composition and colours... looks like this could end up as a gig/event poster to me Dave).. and for version 2 Dave did a little research into famous 'mistresses' and came across a character who's been in an episode of Doctor Who... reason enough for Dave to (finally) get a pic of the doctor out there... and pretty darn splendid it is too (from a time when the show was still entertaining)!!

Well done Mr H.. I think we both deserve a pat on the back for this one... but not too much of the self congratulations... what about the next word!!!!!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Not sure what this is, or why.. I just doodled it (and liked it) so I drew it up.. It's called GURL!

It's a little bit 'Bruce Timm' in around-about way (though not as good).

Looking forward to posting my efforts for this weeks word "Mistress" later (or tomorrow) depending on when Dave sends his entry in.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Friday, 24 April 2009

Storm Trooper... again!

I've squished his head up a bit.. looks better than the original.. told you I'd refine them at some point!

more guerilla art!

More short pieces.. This time it's The Punisher and Emma Frost!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

More Characters!

Done real quick..  A storm Trooper and a pretty cool 'old skool' Wolverine made from some funky shapes!

I'm really pleased with these, they are roughly 10 Minute Jobs, start to finish.. Guerrilla Artwork!!! I particularly like Wolverine!

Might refine them both one day soon, but liking what I've got so far, so here it is!

They're BACK!!!

Due to the unprecedented box office success of the first film.. Grindhouse-a-go-go are proud to announce the Kung Fu Killaz in 'Kick Ass Kung Fu 2'... More girls... more gore... more action... more boobies than you can wave your willy at!!!

they're back.. and they're gonna Kick some more Ass in their new genre bending adventure!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Word of the week... STARS!

Another week, another word.
Dave's entry for 'STARS' is another winner.. A selection of Astonomer portraits. I'm loving the Patrick Moore rendition especially. Another strong entry from my esteemed colleague!
Myself.. I wanted to pay tribute to LAIKA.. It's such a sad story when you read about what a miserable life she must have led.. I like the idea that she is the stars, and how something so sad and tragic can become something so wonderous and beautiful... I just made up the prose (if that's what it is) as a stream of thought.. it just popped in there as I read about her plight, so I wrote it down.
For once I kinda grew up a little this week.. I promise I'll do my best to rectify that for the next entry... which is...
MISTRESS... yeahhhhh! I'm back baby!!!!

It's an army!!

Here's a couple more converts to the cause... of KICK ASS KUNG FU KILLAZ!!

more Kung Fu Killa action!!!

Here's another member of the gang!

The greatest movie never made!!!


Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Here's another ass kicking momma to go with yesterday's entry. I'm enjoying these.. they're nice and simple in design, but pretty effective. Looking forward to seeing them in my next book (shameless plug).. which will be out later in the year.

Monday, 20 April 2009

New Character..

Did a sketch earlier on.. it felt a bit like a grindhouse film character.. some gratuitous boobies and violence all rolled into one... SWEET!.. Maybe it's a film called 'Hooters Revenge'... or something like that?... maybe 'Redneck Karate Chick Kicks Ass!'... yeah... that's cooler!

Really pleased with this, like the pose and composition, and the simplicity of the lines and colourways... maybe her head's a bit too big looking at this here... err... you didn't just read that!

It's GREAT... GREAT I tell you.. a modern day masterpiece... a classic.. 

Friday, 17 April 2009

Alternative Cover!

I used to be a pretty avid collector of comics.. more-so for their art than their story lines initially.. but as I grew, I began to appreciate the story more than the art on occasion.. it seems a pretty rare deal today to find a comic that marries both (for my taste) and as such I buy only a fraction of what I used to, Hellboy, Goon and BPRD are a must, and I loved the Johnny DC titles that have all but disappeared now (the cartoon licensed comics for Batman, Teen Titans and The Justice League). I hardly ever pick up anything by Marvel anymore (not even Daredevil.. didn't feel the same after Maleev stopped producing the artwork).

I've always hated the fact that the covers are produced by one artist, and the interiors by another.. seemed like a cheat to me.. and Marvel are probably to blame for this, some of the best comics ever have stopped because the Artists have had silly money waved about in front of their noses to produce covers for their titles.. J Scott Campbell's brilliant 'Danger Girl' seemed to have befallen this fate).

I'm not having a go at the artists... hell no, it's a dream job, and easy money! It's just that so many good titles seemed to have ended and not so many have started up.. I'm so out of touch with the Marvel Universe now that when I peruse the titles or read the synopsis, there's nothing I recognize...

Maybe my time has gone in that universe, and the new nerds are lapping up what's out there now? I don't know.. I'm just grateful for Dark Horse, who seem to produce thoughtful, considered and unique comics.. comics that I can rely on to enthrall me and entertain me.. Thanks to people like Mike Mignola, who's Hellboy universe is always entertaining, and Eric Powell for the Insane comedy of horrors that is The Goon.

I miss those other guys I used to hunt out, but I guess I'll always have my back issues.. 

Just thought I'd have a considered blog today to go with my variant Spiderman cover!

Thursday, 16 April 2009


Did this today.. anticipating the release of the new movie soon!... SNIKT!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Spring is in the air!

It's word of the week time again.. and here are the entries for 'SPRING'. I stayed true to form and went with a Superhero pic.. Spiderman, springing into action! I was contemplating a Magic Roundabout image, but the draw of the spandex pants is way too strong!
Dave's Rabbid Rabbits entry is god damned genius! I love it, it's so funny.. I have to say that the Boxing Bunnies really makes me laugh.. I'm obviously partial to 'Super Bunny' too.. This is a brilliant offering for word of the week and another strong visual from Dave.
To see the Rabbids in more detail head over to his blog at : and share the love!
New word is being generated by a third party this week.. so we'll have the results tomorrow!

Taste the blood of...

Here's a poster for the rather splendid 'Blood Ceremony'.. a unique band on the 'Rise Above' rostra of artists! I've had the 'harpy' character lying around for a while and saw an opportunity to put it to good use!

Friday, 10 April 2009

War of words... POINTS

Tough one this week.. Dave's is great again... very faithful to the word and a brilliant visualization of the word.. This idea of the moustachioed man and the damsel in distress (very briefly) crossed my mind at one point (but more in a Dudley Dooright kinda way) but I decided I was going to do John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever pose... full on pointing action!..
I reverted to type though.. Been drawing lots of simple style monsters this last week and the character here was born from that.. The TV interview thing was just one of those bizzare, silly little ideas that popped in my noggin!.. Nevermind.. it just about answers the brief.. and you could argue that there's a load of points within the images... wings, teeth, ear, pokey stick!.. so there!
Anyhoo... new word.. SPRING

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Fleet Foxes

Here's a change of pace... a sweet poster for the Fleet Foxes at Hyde Park, London.

The Church of Misery

Japan's own doom legends Church of Misery have a new record coming out on the 20th of April (on Rise Above Records) and a European tour to boot... Here is my stab at a gig poster for their London Underworld show..  GRRR!

More Serpentcult!

Third poster in the series for your viewing pleasure!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

More promotional artwork

Here's a few more promo items I've been working on. Look out for them as postcards and stickers.. I'm also working on adapting one (or all) of them as a T-Shirt.. 

Will keep you posted!

A new identity!

This here is my new Horror Business Identity.. enjoy!!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Where the Wild Things Are!

One of the best Illustrated Children's books ever written is shortly being released in the cinema as a live action movie.. I have watched the trailer with a mix of awe and uncertainty.. I can't help thinking that it aint going to work and that they should leave well alone!! 

But I'm hoping to be surprised.. and here is my abstract movie poster to represent the film (influenced by my Marilyn manson poster).


Thursday, 2 April 2009

Zombina ROCKS!!


War of Words... Navigate

Ahoy me harties!!

Well.. we did it again.. same thought process regarding this week's word, just a  slightly different approach again.

Dave's entry is another good one.. Captain Jack with his compass out! (oo-er!) Really like it, good composition and colour up.. He tried different ideas before settling on this one.. looks like a good choice to me!

 I've gone cutesy this week with my book cover for a fictional Children's picture book character called 'Captain Crosseye'.. just thought it would be a humorous idea to have a cross-eyed pirate with a patch (essentially he's as blind as a cross-eyed pirate could be!!) going off on futile adventures!