Thursday, 22 December 2011

T-Shirt time!

Hi Boils and Ghouls! Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas my friends... and if the New Year finds you with a few pennies burning a hole in your pocket, I can highly recommend one of Red Bubble's splendid T-Shirts... especially seeing as how they have my designs on them! If you click on the banner over on the right hand side of my blog you can take a closer look at the first few designs that I have available there. Alternatively, you can just watch the pretty slideshow for a preview!

I got the above T-Shirt recently to check how they turned out before shouting about them and I'm really happy with the quality and the neat little touches regarding the packaging....

and it's all for a good cause.... ME!

Friday, 16 December 2011


A while back I produced 2 images for the PICTOPLASMA project 'The Missing Link'... Below is an extract from an email I received from Peter Thaler-

We are very honored to herewith let you know that your Missing Link will be part of the main section of the exhibition!

A massive wall in the central exhibition hall will present 500 of the very best entries as unique digital prints, providing full credit to you as the artist.

Should you happen to be in or close to Paris during the month of December, we would be more than delighted to see you there!

WOO HOO!!!!!!

Fish in the water....

Super quick work up in Illustrator!

Fish out of water

I don't know why but I like the framing of this doodle.

Dirty Girls

More doodles!

The Goat

Work in progress!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Where The Wild Things Are sketches

I may have mentioned before that I love Maurice Sendak's book 'Where The Wild Things Are'. It was a staple of my childhood (and now of my Son's). So in an attempt to generate some creativity last week I started doodling some of the characters. What's interesting (maybe) is seeing my process on each page of trying to simplify the images. Will definitely work these up as they 'excite' me a bit!

The girl who sorta liked skulls (a bit)...

Intending to work this one up as I really like the shapes (and the title)!

A couple of Wolfmen

A couple of lupine related sketches!

A Tiny Problem...

Another doodle turned out promising!

Satan's beard

No idea what I was thinking... I was watching X Men Origins: Wolverine at the time though!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Recent sketches

Here's a few of my sketchbook noodlings!... not feeling the love for drawing at the moment... Gee! There's a surprise!!

Next years Christmas Cards?

I did the attached illustration of Santa recently and it got me thinking a bit (not a lot mind you... just a bit!) Here's what I came up with. I was intending to screen print these as my personal christmas cards for this year (that's why they are all 2 colour), but due to my work schedule and current University crisis, I've probably left it too late for this year.

Thursday, 1 December 2011


I've just gotten myself an artflake account! YAY! You can see (and purchase) my work by clicking on the banner on the right or by clicking here-

buy posters and art prints