Sunday, 31 October 2010


...or in my case... CRAPPY Halloween. My computer went down earlier in the week and I'm still not sure if it (or any of the work on it) is recoverable. As such, I'm behind on my Masters work and the word of the week (next weeks word is CHINA) I have a sketch for chicken but this machine I'm running to post this message is having a real problem with updating so I can install my scanner on to.. To cap it all, I've got a dose of 'Man Flu' and I recently started a part time Christmas Job to get some cash in the coffin and the early start is killing me!

Regardless of that.. Have a Great Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

War of Words... SAVAGE

Here's my entry for SAVAGE. It was inspired by the work of Ben Caldwell, who's a rather splendid illustrator if I may say. Dave's entry to follow shortly.

Next Week.. CHICKEN..


The Wolfman's dream

I know I've posted the sketch a while back, but here (finally) is the worked up visual. Really pleased with this. I've recently started working part time to pay for the Masters Degree, so that's the reason the posting has gone a bit relaxed in the last week.

Also, Dave's having trouble with his server at the minute, hence the delay in posting last weeks word. I'll pop my entry for SAVAGE up in a bit and add Dave's when it arrives.

Watch the skies...

In the darkness of night, see the Witch take flight.

Friday, 15 October 2010

The Mummy Returns

I love this image so much it's now available as a T Shirt over at Society6

Go have a look.. it's lovely!!

Do the Mummy

My good friend and fellow art fiend Dave Higgins over at has been posting away at his 'Halloween Advent Calendar' and produced these brilliant sketches of some of the cutest monsters I've ever seen. I was so inspired (and fell in love with the Mummy sketch) that I decided to pay tribute in the best way I know how.. So here is my rendition of Dave's Mummy (no, I don't mean Mrs Higgins)..

I'm really pleased with this illustration. In much the same way as I've been studying the likes of Shane Glines and Ben Caldwell of late, I've really enjoyed putting my spin on Dave's artwork, and it's made me realize that I may have been labouring over my own work a little too much lately... which may explain my frustration any time I pick up a pencil..

War of Words... POLICE

Dave has done it again, with a brilliant rendering of the Keystone Cops.. This great image belies the fact that in prepping it for posting it almost drove him mad. I hope that seeing it here will give Dave a sense of fulfillment.. you did a great piece again my friend.

I set out on a similar path, with a view of producing an image of Sting and cohorts.. however, unlike Dave.. when I was constantly buggering up the sketches because I couldn't visualize what was in my head I threw in the towel. So here's an illustration of Judge Anderson and Judge Death. Surprised with myself that I've not done anything Dredd related before.

Next week... SAVAGE!

She's the queen of halloween..

Elvira.. Mistress of the Dark.

In the words of the splendid GHOULTOWN tribute song.. "What I wouldn't give, to climb those haunted hills"..


She walks by moonlight..

Here's the final version of The Bride of Frankenstein. She's just chillin' out waiting for Halloween night.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

We have lift off!!

Those lovely people over at Society6 have very kindly chosen to promote my 'Powergirl' artwork on their store site.. The image is available as a geeclee print, a stretched canvas, T-shirt and Hoodie.. How cool!!

Go see it at...

Thanks guys!

Also.. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Rogue over at

For supporting my blog AND my work.. I can highly recommend that anyone who's not visited his blog should check it out.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

More sketchy stuff

Here's another sketch based on my Shane Glines fascination (and one of his Batgirl poses). This time, bearing the impending Halloween celebrations in mind.

Is it a bird?....

Nah.. It's Power Girl!!

Rudie Nudie

Here's a worked up Illustration from the previously posted sketch. Wanted to use the negative space to create the body shape for this one (I know it's been done so many times before, but I don't do it very often).

More Sketches

Here's a few more sketches I've been working on this morning. I'm still experimenting with studying other peoples work at the minute.. namely Shane Glines (still) and Ben Caldwell. Above are: Power Girl, a Halloween Witch, The Bride of Frankenstein and Elvira.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


A few years back I was asked to produce an idea for the National Student Drama Festival (NSDF) the concept was to introduce the 'classic' works of drama and literature to the 'modern' teen audience.

I felt that this drawing of Noel Gallagher (then of the band OASIS) reciting Shakespeare (with his typical Manchester speak) really nailed the idea. However, the NSDF decided to run with artwork that was more in the vein of Jamie Hewlett (due to the popularity of The Gorillaz at the time) and my concept was sidelined.

For the most part I really like this illustration (maybe I'd change the legs) so here it is!

Oops.. I may have done it again!

I'm not sure if I've posted this before (so I'll apologize in advance if I have).. but here's a drawing I did a long while back of the fallen princess of pop 'Britney Spears' replete with her rubber suit.

The Accidental Tourist.. revisited

I posted a work in progress a short while ago and really wasn't happy with the layout. I dipped in and out of the re-design (to a point where I was going to scrap it completely) before eventually hitting on this layout.. Right up until the last minute the eyes were different (and I wasn't happy with them), but these giant bug peepers seemed to make him 'cuter' if that's the right word to use!!

Pretty pleased with the end result now.. do you think it would make a good t-shirt design?

Saturday, 9 October 2010

War of Words... SHIELD

I had a chat with Dave earlier on in the week and he told me that he was struggling to visualize his idea.. I said "go for it".. and I'm glad he listened. His take on the classic comedy 'SLEDGEHAMMER' is a winner. You can guess at the link, but it's the badge (or shield as our American brothers and sisters call it) that all law enforcers live by. I loved Sledgehammer.. I always remember an episode called 'Witless' that parodied the Harrison Ford movie 'Witness'.. brilliant!

I had a few ideas.. Batfink (which Dave shared) Captain America, Judge Dredd and an angry viking.. Thought I'd go for the viking for a change. I went through a few compositional layout before deciding on the one included here.. I just wanted to give the sense of them being up close and in your face... think I cracked it. They actually have a bit of a cuteness about them.. like viking versions of the Time Bandits!

Damn it.. I could have done a Valkyrie.. and got a drawing of a sexy woman in... bugger it!

Next week.. POLICE.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Just out of interest...

As part of the Masters programme I've just started, we've been asked to put together an 'Influence map'. What a cool project! Here's mine. The images represent the following-
01. Craig McKraken (Powerpuff Girls creator)
02. Dave Mckean (Genius Artist)
03. Artistic Gig Posters (The White Stripes image)
04. Monsters (whether it be monster movies or folk tales)
05. Mike Mignola (Hellboy creator)
06. Gentle Giant's Animated Maquettes (Princess Leia)
07. Halloween
08. Jon and Louise (The KAIJU Felt Monsters)
09. Bruce Timm (Genius creator)
10. Zombina and the Skeletones (Best Band in the WORLD!)
11. Music (The Record Player)
12. Children's Picture Books (Where the Wild Things Are)
13. Ralph Bakshi's Animated Lord of The Rings
14. Shane Glines (The Vampirella art)
15. Tim Burton (Jack Skellington)
16. KISS (my childhood obsession)
17. Mary Blair (Beautiful Artwork)
18. Michael Avon Oeming (Great Illustrator)
19. Samurai Jack (One of the finest cartoons ever made)

and there you have it!

Two heads are better than none..

Halloween is on it's way!! Exciting times people!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Halloween dream...

Here's the original sketch I did for the Shane Glines inspired take on Dan Brereton's 'Polychrome'.

She came from another world...

Another Shane Glines inspired sketch exercise for your viewing 'pleasure' (I hope).

War of Words... ENCHANTED

Ooh.. not too bad a word this week. Wish I'd have thought about Buffy and done a 'Dark Willow' like Dave's produced, but I guess I'm still pretty happy with my effort. I've set it up to resemble a page layout from a (fictional) Children's book.. hmm.. maybe I should have left the naked fairy thing out of the shot!!
Next week's word is SHIELD... yikes!