Wednesday, 17 December 2008

5 of 5 - sax appeal!

Finally.. Her is the sketch version of X Ray Speck.. Zombina's erstwhile 'live' saxomophonist. This bugger has taken forever to get right, and I'm sure the design will change again when I start working it up in Illustrator. It's all the fault of that bloody sax!

I sent the finished characters for 'Zombina' and 'Doc' over to the band and got very positive feedback from them... they now want to see the whole band... YAY! (hence me pulling my finger out and getting 'Spec' done). If you head on over to the 'Zombina Army' myspace page, you will be able to download them as banner artwork... which is kinda neat!

I also submitted a 'tshirt' layout for the guys based on the zombina character.. I might post that in a bit... seeing as it's Christmas and all!

I have man-flu by the way.. it's not looking good!!!

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