Thursday, 26 March 2009

War of Words... Daughter

Here we are again.. another word another week.. and surprisingly another brief that Dave and I have approached from a very similar angle (we don't discuss what we are going to do for each brief).. Again we seem to be playing close to home as the Horror theme comes to the fore, and it's interesting that as soon as the word 'daughter' came up Dave thought of Iron Maiden (Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter) and I thought of a White Zombie song.. which formed the basis of my entry.. a mock Hammer Film poster, used a slightly different approach this week, in that I did some photo montage work as opposed to an illustration.

Dave's entry is pretty darn brilliant if you ask me! I love everything about this, the background, the composition, the subject.. for me this is the best Dave's produced so far.. It has the feel of the work of Eric Pigors.. great stuff!!

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