Wednesday, 27 May 2009

War of Words.. CONFUSION!

Just to CONFUSE you (see what I did there) it's a whole day early!!!

Thought I might struggle with this weeks word.. but it seems that both Dave and myself have coped OK with it.. Dave was (once again) pursuing an entirely different idea before setting his stall with this freshly sketched (and suitable disheveled) take on perpetually confused TV detective Columbo!

It's great to see Dave getting more comfortable with showing his sketches to the world.. there was a time that you had to prize them out of his hands to get a good look at them.. and here one is for all to see... and great it is too..

For myself I have gone down the familiar route again.. with a quick rife on the master of confusion.. YODA. Really pleased with this one as it was done so quickly and (for some reason) makes me giggle.. I think it's the expression. I might post the sketch in a bit because I'm feeling the sketchy love that Dave is perpetuating with his entry..

Until next time then...

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