Friday, 17 July 2009

War of Words.. READER

Again with the similar themes this week...We both re-interpreted the word 'Reader' as that of a 'mindreader'... wish I'd have thought of doing a PSI Judge from 2000AD though.. Dave's entry is wicked!.. makes me want to go draw Judge Dredd now..

My entry?... I am so pleased with this week's effort.. my interpretation of Darth Vader after the fall of the Empire (if he hadn't died) as a Mind Reading performer in a Working Men's Club was a stoke of genius!!!.. well done me!

I'm being packed off to the home for wayward victorian girls for a well earned rest next week, so the word may run on a little as they don't allow any electrical goods at the asylum.. only porridge and enemas... and sometimes both at the same time (porridge enemas) as it saves on the washing up!!!

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