Wednesday, 11 November 2009

yet more sketches...

...don't know if you're interested in seeing sketch work?... but you're stuck with it! MMMWWWAAAHHHHHHAAAAA HAAAAAAA HHHAAAAA.....   hhhhaaaaaaa!


Kevin said...

Your blog is fantastic and inspiring! Its great and very rockin bro! Love your style on the universal monsters, hellboy and in particular the goon the mock cover is seriously cool! I'd buy a comic like that no doubt! Keep up the great work! And ill try pic some stuff up as it comes out, ya got any thing available now? All the best


Rogueevolent said...

I love your sketch work too Shane. Today's Mummy (buck-toothed no less :) )
and werewolf with bad-hair day are cool. Please keep sharing.

Shane said...

Fangs for the great feedback guys!

I have 2 books available at BLURB.COM.. the links to view the previews are a few posts down from here Kev. They are really well produced books.

I've also got an account over at (under the 'horror business' moniker) with some older designs on Postcards and a great little sticker book.

I've just set up an account on 'Big Cartel' with a view to selling prints and some T-shirts I've been working on... maybe you'd be interested in taking a look over there when it's up and running?

Thanks for your support again guys!