Friday, 15 January 2010

War of Words.. COLD

BRRRR! Damn this crispy weather!

In honor of the subzero conditions, here are the entries for this week's word. Dave teased me with the threat of an impending 'Edward Scissorhands' illustration that he's putting together, but in the meantime here's his frozen popsicle, just about to take a dip!

I went for the obvious (why not?) and just had to do a 'Mr Freeze' image.. did quite a few sketches of him that didn't really float my boat, then produced the simplest of doodles when I wasn't really concentrating and 'hey presto!' Mr Freeze was born! It's nice when that happens.

Because it was a relatively dynamic pose, I wanted to put him into a context.. hence revisiting the 'Black Widow' image I did a while back (as the keen eyed among you will recognize) and using her as a template for Batgirl... TA DAAA!

I've thrown in a close up to show how simple he was to do!

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