Tuesday, 6 April 2010

War of Words.. ADVENTURER.. Dave

Dave's entry for last week's word was worth the wait.. 2 of the characters from the classic Adventure game 'TALISMAN'... ah.. many a youthful hour was passed playing this game and listening to some serious 'rock' tunage!... I miss those days!

As an aside.. I didn't make issue 3 of AMMO magazine.. I'd like to say that I wasn't disappointed.. but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't anything other than gutted..

Feels like another kick in the teeth regarding the work I produce.. I'm giving serious thought to giving 'drawing' up at the moment.. but maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself?


soultivity said...

dont give up, even if it means keeping it in a few hours a day on the side. you are talented, speeking of,your style reminds me of cartoons on mtv,cartoon network or adultswim. your style is your own among others alike, maybe see if you can get noticde to make a cartoon series. tell ya what your stile would fit in right now with cartoons :) best of luck to ya!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. S . Never mind about Ammo, just keep on putting out the awesome stuff you've been doing of late.

"if you draw it, they will come", I think that's how it went....