Thursday, 2 December 2010

More Monsterous works in progress

Here's an update on a few more character development sketches for the band.. This is the revised Wolfman design (he fits better with Vampire Renton now) notice the Invisible Man's socks.. hence his nickname 'SOCKS'.

Black Lagoon Boy MAXWELL is still developing at the moment (as you can see from the floating heads). But the text on the torso shot for RALPH is sort of a train of thought I had to try and develop a back story for him. The small floating head to the left of him is a portrait of his dad, reknowned Blues Legend 'HOWLING WOLF WILLY'.

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rogue evolent said...

Shane, I can't tell you how incredibly cool these characters are. But I will: They're awesome. I think you've really struck gold with this concept.