Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The boy is back in town...

Read an interesting article in Classic Rock Magazine about Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott. It's the 25th anniversary of his death this year.

Here's a drawing I did as a result, although in retrospect it sort of looks like Phil Lynott via (UK Comedian) Keith Lemon.. Maybe that's because I created it solely in Illustrator from various shapes (rather than sketching something out first).


rogue evolent said...

This drawing of yours is especially wonderful for me Shane. Thin Lizzy is in my all-time Top Ten bands... loved Phil... he had a heck of tough life; glad you gave the Irishman his halo and wings
Very special!

Shane said...

Thanks again Rogue! (As always) I've been enjoying your music related posts a lot of late, I'm more of a casual RUSH fan myself, but by the sounds of it we furrow similar musical paths. I've been getting 'retro' myself in recent months (I guess it's either my age, or a distinct lack of good new music!) though my biggest guilty pleasure of late is MANOWAR!! Hail and Kill!!

Glad you like Mr Lynott here, it does me good to try and create artwork 'from scratch' on the computer (without a sketch) sometimes!

rogue evolent said...

I do like Manowar..but have to admit a stronger preference for some of the newer power metal from the continent. I like HammerFall (Swedes) and Freedom Call (Deutsch) a little better. And I like America's own Iced Earth.
LOVE HELLOWEEN... heck, I gotta stop taking your band witdth here talking bout music...sorry :)

Shane said...

Don't worry about that Rogue.. I can happily talk music all day long!! I know of Hammerfall, but not Freedom Call, so I'll check them out. Iced Earth.. I recently got hold of the 'Box of the Wicked' CD set, and I love it!

As for Helloween, I couldn't face them after 'Pink Bubbles go Ape'.. After the 'Keeper' albums it really put me off them and I haven't taken the time to listen to anything they've done since, perhaps I should check them out, I am interested in hearing Michael Kiske's replacement, and the latest album had some good reviews over here.

Feeling the love for 'Rhapsody of Fire' at the moment, anything featuring Sir Christopher Lee is a winner in my book!

roddie said...

with ur permission, Id like to place this pic on the Roisin Dubh Trust Web site