Thursday, 8 December 2011

Next years Christmas Cards?

I did the attached illustration of Santa recently and it got me thinking a bit (not a lot mind you... just a bit!) Here's what I came up with. I was intending to screen print these as my personal christmas cards for this year (that's why they are all 2 colour), but due to my work schedule and current University crisis, I've probably left it too late for this year.


The Creative Twin said...

These are GREAT Shane!! They'd make a nice set. Are you sending the designs to greetings card publishers too? I'm sure they'd be looking for stuff for next Christmas. Besides that, not too late to print them yet I don't think... I've yet to draw mine...


rogue evolent said...

This post shows why you are so GREAT a creator in my opinion. You take a super-simple idea (the triangle) and turn it into a blazingly bright colored pattern/scheme for visually dazzling Christmas cards - - a "set" even!!! My Santa hat is off to you sir! Kudos.
- Jay