Friday, 2 November 2012

Disney does Star Wars

Not totally in love with the idea of Disney making new Star Wars movies (but I guess they can't be any worse than the most recent 3 movies). I love the animated show that's currently running (now on season 4 and re-introducing Darth Maul).

Just hope the house of mouse proves me wrong.... Just in case they don't... here's my re-design of Princess Leia!


Belle Dee said...

I think it might be a good thing. From what I've heard there is talk of letting Joss Whedon direct the first of the new films. I'm no fan of the 3 recent movies, so maybe some fresh blood could make it better.

Shane said...

Ooh... that's interesting Belle... I hadn't heard about Joss's potential involvement, but he seems pretty respectful as a film maker. My concern is Disney's 'reputation'. It's doubtful that Marvel will 'ever' make a decent 'Punisher' movie under the Disney banner because of how they want to be seen as a 'family' brand. I know it's a different story for Star Wars... but I'm fearful of having to suffer even more JAR JAR!!!!