Friday, 13 June 2008

The Ghastly Ones

This here was a recent personal project I did for a splendid band called 'The Ghastly Ones'. I highly recommend that you check them out at some point (if you're not already familiar with them that is!). I started the project with a doodle of the guitarist in my lunch at work and then put the rest of the band together over the afternoon (when I should have been working!!) before working them up in Illustrator at home. They were playing at Tiki Invasion 2 at the time, so I used it as an excuse to put a poster together. I do a lot of my work like this, but the way I form the characters has changed over time.. I think that my drawing style is loosening up and the lines are more flowing, rather than basing everything on geometric shapes (as you'll see from some of my other work). I was really pleased with this in the end, it came together really well.

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