Thursday, 16 October 2008


This here is a poster I put together for an american bunch of horror punks called 'Calabrese'. I saw on their website that they were running a fan art competition, so I confidently submitted my design... Suffice to say I didn't win... but the artwork that did win was (quite frankly) shit!

That makes me sound really bitter.. and I suppose (deep down) I am a little.. My artwork was far superior to the winning entries and I'm just wondering what I'm supposed to do to get recognition for what I do..

I love the band and I'm really proud of this poster, but damn... they clearly don't know good work when they see it..

Congratulations to the fans that did win!!

With regards to my poster.. the keen eyed among you may notice that I've used the background in a previous poster (for the Postmortem Maniacs)... well done you!.. but because I didn't win a prize for my hard work...  you don't either!!!!  BWWAAAAHHAAAA HAAAAA HAAA HAAAA!

I'm off to sulk for a bit more now.. The Kittie poster is progressing slowly (because I'm working on a Children's book at the same time) and I've also started a celebratory Zombina poster for their new album.... Oh.. and I'm working on a flyer for the Dead Pleasures too and hopefully a sticker for 'Crrerature Feature.. who really liked my poster designs!


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