Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Me am Famous!!

Finally.. A little recognition!! I am one of the featured artists in a brand spanking shiny new online magazine called 'New Sugar'.. You can visit it at :

and revel in the visual delights on offer... of which mine are (of course) some of the smoothest you will ever lay our eyes on...

The theme of the issue is 'No'.. so go check out all of my Star Wars based images (which would make great t-shirt designs by the way) and a few more treats.. There's even a little question and answer with me in there for your noodling pleasure!..

Chuffed to bits to be part of something new like this.. please show your support.

Remember, it's:

and tell them I sent you!.. then come back and let me know what you think... I'm lonely here all on my own!

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