Thursday, 12 February 2009


Been checking out an artist called Alberto Ruiz (apologies if that's spelt wrong but my eyesight started to fail when I was looking at his work) and it got me thinking about how rubbish I am at drawing the ladies.. Some of my favourite artists are great at it.. Shane Glines, Bruce Timm, Coop, Bawidamann, Ashley Wood.. So I've been doodling more rounded/softer shapes in an attempt to capture a more feminine form in my artwork.

I try not to copy what I see too much as it bastardizes my natural style, so I only scan images by other artists for brief reference before I have a go myself. This is a little 'Dead at 17' in style (without trying) which I'm quite pleased with.

It's been a good test actually as it turns out I tend to avoid drawing women (except Zombina) at all costs.. with this exercise I have no choice. So here's the first working drawing I've been pleased with (and there's been a LOT of doodles!!), Already I can see that the arms are a little odd, but it's certainly not a picture I'm ashamed of... just hope my Mam doesn't see it... or I'll be in big trouble!!


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