Thursday, 19 February 2009

Coming Soon!!!?

Another sneak preview here.

This is the proposed design for the first commercially available Horror Business T Shirt.

Full colour, double sided print. Large head shot on the front, with full character shot on reverse. I am awaiting a proof from the manufacturer at the moment, but if it's any good I'll take some pictures and post them. The print quality is really nice on these as they use some fancy whangdoodle type of printing to embed the image into the fiber, so it wont be a tacky iron-on print job.

I'm hoping to do a range of limited edition T's before long, so this is pretty exciting stuff!

Fuck You Threadless!!.... hey, there's a T Shirt slogan in there!!


darts247 said...

Shane, nice work..
are they inkjeting them straight to the shirt?..
there are two methods at the moment that replicate screenprinted as above and the other a two step transfer(YES transfer) that looks and feels like a screenprint..


Shane said...

Hullo Mark.

Truthfully I don't know the exact format they use.. It's and I've had a couple of T's done and they are really high quality..

It looks like the print is actually in the fabric.. but I wouldn't like to guess how it's done.. I'm just glad I can get full colour work printed onto black and when you wash it there's no drop in the quality!

darts247 said...

hi matey, the format is DTG mate.. it's inkjet printed directly to the t shirt.. I've seen it done, quite impressive.. we were thinking of buying one but it is costly to run unless you've got a high turnover..

Shane said...

Cool.. I can recommend it, it's a good finish!

Matthew said (a while back) that you might be looking to 'branch out' and produce your own T's. I've been talking to a lecturer in Uni and following a company called 'Genki Gear' who produce their own T's and sell them at comic conventions and such.. If you're interested in doing something, bear me in mind, it could be good business with the right designs?