Monday, 24 August 2009

War of Words.. WINGS

This week turned out to be a doozie! Both of us couldn't get songs out of our heads.. for a while I was wrestling with some Iron Maiden inspired doodlery (Fight of Icarus/Where Eagles Dare) and Dave couldn't shake off James Bond's Live and let die - as performed by WINGS!!.. so he didn't.. and he produced this smashing piece of voodoo hoodoo! Another winner from my esteemed colleague!

I myself toyed with WINGS (the band) briefly.. bastardizing 'Mull of Kintyre' and rechristening it "Mullet on Fire'  with a visual of a flame headed Paul McCartney.... but I felt it was too abstract for people to appreciate.

So there I was struggling again, when I did a doodle of a head.. and some boobies.. shortly followed by a body and a cloak that looked like wings.. then I thought of a Danzig song "Under her black wings'... and was happy again!

New word.. TEENAGER

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