Friday, 7 August 2009


I have 5 sets of 5 prints available to buy if anyone is interested.

These are printed on 280gsm Xerox Gloss Stock, signed and numbered.
Run at SRA3 with crop marks for A3.

£5.00 each (inc postage) or £20.00 for a full set.

They are (left to right) - Goblin, Wolfie, Rockstar, Yoda & Tura.

Email me at - putting 'poster art' in the title if you are interested.

I'm hoping to get a T-shirt out soon to compliment the stickers and things you can already buy on and my 2 books at (shameless plug). I aim to issue a series of short run digital prints of my art in the coming months at A3 and A2, and also look to produce some of my music posters for sale too.

Will take some pictures of my shit over the weekend and blog them next week.

Remember, I might be famous one day, so these prints are a steal!! FNAR!

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