Monday, 1 March 2010

War of Words.. HERO pt1

I was determined to avoid the obvious with this weeks word.. So I put together this 6 panel strip depicting a conversation between Mothra and King Ghidora (from the Godzilla movies). 

I've been marvelling at the wonderful work of Tom Gauld recently and I wanted to try my hand at capturing the feel of his work, but keeping it true to my natural style.. I'm not sure I succeeded, but I do like the 3 headed monster a lot.. think I might revisit him soon.


rogue evolent said...

On a blog (this one) where I am always entertained and even "wowed"... this gag strip b/t Mothra and Gidrah is probably one of the best things you've posted in quite a while Shane. It simply works on many levels... not the least is the "wang-humor"... :)
Thanks mucho!

Shane said...

Thank you again Rogue.. I'm really glad you liked it! I appreciate you taking the time to check out my work and musings!