Monday, 15 March 2010

War of Words.. RING

I had a few ideas for this weeks word, which was quite refreshing for me! I decided upon The Green Lantern because I'd not drawn him up before. Originally I had envisaged the power of the ring creating a big boot to kick him up the arse because in the Justice League cartoon he's such a miserable bastard.. But as the drawing evolved I moved away from the 'joke' element.

Dave has produced a body of work based on norse mythology (the fruits of which can be viewed on his blog at included here is Thor!

though Dave remains in his illustration rut at the moment.. maybe next week's word will change things?

CAT.... then again...

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rogue evolent said...

Shane, I love your GL! Especially the pointy knees - - they give it that retro look that I love. Thanks for sharing your great stuff.