Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The elusive monster band (update)

Right then.. regarding my 'horror rock band' comic book.. It's been frustrating the hell out of me.. It's been so bad, that it's (until very recently) made me not want to do any drawing at all. So just at the moment it feels like I'm going nowhere on the Masters course.

We are moving onto a new module, and I'm hoping to enter a competition brief for Macmillan books to produce some artwork for a preschool picture book. In a clever attempt to move on with my rock band idea I've decided to revisit the characters and place them into the comfy confines of a Childrens Picture book. To do this, I've got a (work in progress) story based on the band coming together and I've chosen to interpret Renton, Ralph, Maxwell and Socks for a younger audience.

Here are my initial thoughts for Maxwell based on this line of action. I just hope that it will put the original idea into a perspective I can work with as I've got so many ideas that I want to persue with it. I'm also hoping that it's going to make me a bit more bloody productive on the Masters too!!!

Stay tuned!

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rogue evolent said...

I'm really not undiscriminating Shane... I just LOVE ALL your Monster band incarnations! They're all good, just in different ways. Best of luck on incorporating them for a younger audience (a book deal would be cool).
The Gill Man is my favorite Uni monster so naturally I love this green-guy the bestest.
your pal,