Monday, 28 February 2011

War of Words... LEAD

WOW time again... Dave's entry for LEAD is crackingly marvelous.. straight out of Guitar Hero!

Mine's a bit pants... though I like the alligator! Coloured up in Photoshop, but I'mm not enjoying the results too much on this one.

Wish I'd have gone digital.

New word.. JIGSAW.


The Creative Twin said...

Hi Shane, alligator is definitely very good - that style works well. Something about the free flow line. Again, perfect for childrens books. The concept of the background is good in that it gives an impression of the environment and tells the story (of the girl out in the street walking her crocodile... or alligator) but I agree it doesn't have the clarity or 'togetherness' of your usual images. But the character is great, the shadows on the skirt and the colours. In fact I can see it as an animation. In that way the background may work as a film?? Good to see experimentation anyway.


Shane said...

Thanks Heather.

I'm really not enjoying art much at the moment. The 'crocogator'was most certainly my favourite thing about this piece, and ironically it was the only part of the image I didn't use any reference for... maybe there's a lesson in that for me?