Monday, 16 May 2011

War of Words... INDIGO

It's been a while... too long in fact! We had the word 'indigo' a few weeks back (and I produced this drawing for it too!) but the Masters has been revving up to the end of the first year and our last assessment for the time being. That day was today!

In celebration of the end of year one (blimey that went quick!) here is the start of what will hopefully be a return to regular service for the War of Words... I guess we'll see next monday when the post for 'WONDER' goes up!


rogue evolent said...

Congratulations on this past year of work in your Masters class Shane!
I love the Indigo/Inigo Montoya "gag" :)
- Jay

Shane said...

Thank you so much Jay!

It hasn't been plain sailing, but I think I've started to get to grips with it (for now)m My grading for the Children's book has been a REAL suprise!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww this is just brilliant. Absolutely love it!