Sunday, 29 May 2011

She loves me... she loves me not!

Not been especially prolific recently... I've been experimenting with creating images directly in Illustrator... but it's got to a point now where I actually miss drawing!!! Picked up a new sketchbook today and sketched out my entry for the last War Of Words entry 'WONDER' and for this weeks word 'GINGER'.. I just need to scan them in and work them up.

The above illustration is the first in a while that I've been 'happy' with posting from this 'sketchless' session time.. I guess it's been good though, because now I actually 'want' to draw again.... I have genuinely missed it. I'm planning on trying to get pubished over on the 'Covered' and 'Re-panelled' blogs in the near future soon... I'll keep you posted on developments.


rogue evolent said...

I love this character Shane, sort of reminds me of a zombi (Baron Samedi) scare-crow with just a touch of John Pertwee's Worzel Gummidge. NICE.
- J

Shane said...

Ha Ha... Thanks Jay... gosh Worzel Gummidge brings back memories... it used to frighten the life out of me on a Sunday afternoon!!!