Thursday, 8 March 2012


Picked up an issue of Classic Rock last week with a great major feature on the band KISS in the 80's. It was a brilliantly put together article, and it really made me want to start listening to my old KISS albums from the period again. Paul Stanley has always been one of my favourite singer/songwriters and I'm really looking forward to their new album MONSTER in June.

As a result of my renewed interest in my musical past I've begun to reconnect with all the bands I loved growing up (but I'm supposed to be ashamed of now)... so the other drawing is of Kip Winger (one time cohort of Alice Cooper and frontman of WINGER). I listened to their second album 'In The Heart Of The Young' and was immediately taken back in time to the day I bought it (on Holiday with Mom and Pop in Tenby, South Wales)... The album (my favourite Winger release) is still amazing... There isn't one track on there that made me go "What the hell did I buy this for?"...

So the upshot is I am proud to say I am unashamedly a fan of 80's Hair Metal!!!... so there!

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