Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Doodle of the Day

Here's my doodle of the day 14 01 09.

I had hoped this year to produce a sketch a day for the entire year, with a view to publishing them all in a book next year... Like most ideas... It went belly up almost as soon as I thought about it.. I've been doing the doodles and I guess I can salvage the idea if I get hold of a blank journal to put them all in... but that's another idea that'll probably go missing...

Anyways.. meet the 'Space Skull'.. Over Christmas I got to watch a lot of 1950's B movies on the Paranormal and Sumo channels on Sky... 'The Killer Shrews' 'Flash Gordon' and 'The Crawling Hand' to name a few.. I think they influenced this doodle a bit, so I tried to put it into context a little... something I didn't intend on doing, but pah... It looks kinda neat!.. and It's my blog... so ppppfffffffttttttt!! If you don't like it!

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