Monday, 26 January 2009

A War of Words

My good fiend and fellow art terrorist recently set me a challenge.. here is an extract from his email to explain it best:

"Been reading your blog and I like the idea of a sketch a day. So much that it gave me an idea, not a particularly cunning one, but one that might warm the embers a little bit. A Challenge Mr S, a challenge.

Sketch Tennis, tometoyoutomtoyou etc.
We both have to produce 1 drawing a week (can be rough sketch or finished article) based on a random word chosen out of the blue. The result to be published on both blogs, and we take it in turns to choose the word. Interested?"

Now this is a great idea, and one that forces you to think and act creatively in a short space of time... the kind of kick up the hoop we both need at times to do some drawing.

Needless to say I accepted Dave's "War of Words" and you can expect the result of the first word (which happens to be "BEGINNING") by Friday of this week.

Just so you know.. my effort was completed this morning!... with almost 4 days to spare!! HA!

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