Friday, 30 January 2009

The War of Words has begun

Behold! The war has begun, the first shots have been fired.. feast your eyes on week one's response to the word 'BEGINNING'.

Dave has produced the Illustration of 'Maria' the first robot of Metropolis.. and in Dave's own the words "The Beginning of all screen droids".. He's thrown In R2 for good measure too!

Myself, I reproduced a bit of Pixel Art.. meet the face of KONG.. for in the beginning of Computer/arcade history there was Donkey Kong... I also felt that If I'd have gone for PONG then Dave would have shouted at me for being lazy and producing a piece of work that consisted of 2 straight lines and a circle!!!

Week 2's word has been chosen.. and the challenge has been set. Look out for 'COMPENSATION' next Friday!


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