Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Here's a quick Frankenstein I did in my lunchtime.. must send this over to the 'A Patchwork of Flesh' blog!

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We Want said...

Hello sir! I don't know if you'll remember, this is Chris who used to be in Zombina and you did some flyers for my old clubnight a couple of years ago. Hope you're well, it's nice to see lots of your pictures on here! I couldn't find your email address so I'm having to make this public cry for help... I wondered if you could give me a shout about either a) some alterations to the old flyers you did or b) doing some completely new stuff, as I just found out I'm starting a new night next week and would massively love some smashing new flyers to rub in people's faces. If you get a minute I'd be made up if you could get in touch at shocktreatment at hotmail with a on the end. Thankyou! :-) x