Friday, 16 October 2009

War of Words.. SUGAR

Amazing.. we both went for monsters.. and we both went for cereal based characters. My entry this week is based on an American Cereal Brand called 'Chockula'.. the werewolf character is for the 'Fruit Brute' arm of the brand.. I kinda cheated this week as I produced this image for the monstercereal blog and felt it lent itself to the word of the week too.. you could look at this image as a political statement on the effects that sugars in cereals have on the youth of today... if you really wanted too!

Dave has produced another nice piece based on the Honey monster. I remember being a little scared of him on the adverts when I was a kid.. The costume was pretty primitive back then as I remember... Still, Dave's take on the yellow peril is no less frightening... and he got a girl in there too!

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