Friday, 2 October 2009

War of Words.. BOTTOM


Look... no naked ladies!! It was certainly tempting for me.. but I actually had a lot of ideas for this word (that didn't revolve around body parts)... perhaps I'm coming down with something!

I had another song doing the rounds in my brain this week, by KINGS OF THE SUN, an old early 90's Australian band and the lyrics "You're the top of the bottom of my heart" got stuck in rotation.. therefore I decided I wanted to try and visualize that in some way.. and the result is probably one of the cutest pics I've produced in a long, long time.. It really makes me smile.

Dave has been struggling with an idea and also with the fact that he's been suffering 'Illustrator's block' much like myself of late.. His entry is equally quirky.. but a lot more dangerous than chasing butterflies!!

New word is ... STARCHED...... Oh flippin' heck!