Friday, 24 September 2010

War of Words... GHOST

I spoke with Dave the other day and he was explaining to me how he was struggling to work out how he was going to develop his idea for the word from a sketched stage. Well, something definitely fell in to place because his offer for GHOST is absolutely superb! It's made me realize how much I've missed seeing his new work coming through every week.

I experimented in a different way.. I used a character called 'Polychrome' from Dan Brereton's excellent 'Nocturnals' comic (who happens to be a ghost) and set myself an exercise to produce an image of her in the style of 2 different artists. The first of which was Shane Glines and the bottom one of Josh Agle (aka SHAG). In doing the artwork this way it's helped me to understand how they produce their work, the shapes and colours etc.. It's a great way of appreciating what they do on a different level, and also developing my own skills.

Anyway.. let get back to business.. next weeks word... ENCHANTED.

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