Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Hullo Everyone!

Thanks for hanging in there. First of all I'm sorry for the distinct lack of posts over the last 4 months (jeez... that went quick!) but many things have happened, some good and some not so good. Unfortunately the not so good things happend to have been pretty earth shattering for a while, and it's taken a little time to claw my way back out the grave.. I'm almost at the surface now so (ab)normal service will be resumed shortly.

I've been taking stock over the down time and for a while I didn't do any drawings whatsoever, but I've been spending more time with me son (which is priceless). Having said that, the artwork has started to flow a little more fluidly of late, and I've finally gotten round to sorting out the internet at home (which has been the main reason for not posting before now).

So this initial post is to let you know that I'M BACK!!!!

Artwork to follow shortly!

Hope you've all been keeping the fire!


rogue evolent said...

Man I'm glad you're back. I just love your stuff. You deserve to hit the really, really BIG TIME.
all the best,
your fan,

Shane said...

Thank you so much Rogue. I hope I can make good on your prediction.. I'd very much like to hit the big time!

Thank you for hanging in there for me!


Belle Dee said...

I was beginning to wonder where you went. Although I haven't exactly been keeping up with my own blog until recently :P

Hope all is well now, and I'm glad you're back!!