Friday, 10 September 2010

more pesky sketches...

I'm starting a Masters Degree at the beginning of October (Illustration for Children's Publishing)
and I'm looking forward to the challenges it's going to bring. That's not to say I wont try and scare the little blighters with some scary monsters along the way!!!
That Information has nothing mush to do with the posted images... I just thought I'd share it with you!
I'm good like that!


rogue evolent said...

Hi Shane!
Love the "devil girl" in the first pic and really love the ghosts coming from the Monster's head in the third one!
Very cool about you and the Masters Degree program. Your art is already like "mother's milk" to the little tykes :)

Shane said...

Thanks again Rogue.. much appreciated! I'm hoping that I can use the Masters Degree to establish contact and get work from Publishers (and thus embrace fortune and fame!)