Sunday, 23 October 2011

Bad times...

Oh god!!!! I'm having such a crappy time drawing of late. It feels like it's been ages since I've produced a sketch that I'm happy enough with to take to a digital stage. Here's a few sketches that may have something worth pursuing in them.

normally I'd vet the sketchbook pages before I post them, but I thought I'd share my pain over the next few posts!!!

The girl with the gun is my idea for the Word of the Week entry (Finger)... I wanted to do a film noir type poster along he lines of the artwork of RAGNAR.

The (many) Flaming Skull sketches are my interpretation of the AMAZING Zombina and the Skeletones song of the same name (Flaming Skull). I'm hoping to use the band (and their music) as a springboard to try and get me producing work again... (You'll also see a sketch of the Minion from the great Dreamworks movie MEGAMIND in there too!)

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