Saturday, 8 October 2011


Tough word this week... had 2 ideas (of which this is one) and the other revolves around a PSYCHO based image which I may still do.

Next week... FINGER


rogue evolent said...

OH! Brilliant "take" on the word Shane..... 'donor wanted' for the Monster's brain.. love it. A great Frankie by the way.
Jay (aka rogue evolent)

sorry I've been absent for far too long; I hope you don't mind me trolling back through your past posts and commenting late after the fact

Shane said...

Not at all Jay. Your comments are always appreciated (and always missed when there's an absence). As soon as I put the pink backdrop on this one I immediately thought of you (as you've made mention of the colour pink on a previous post)... I knew then I had to keep it in!