Thursday, 6 October 2011

The hills are alive....

Here's a representation of an elusive Welsh Mountain Monster singing a Winter Song to bring about the change of seasons. They are very shy creatures despite their monsterous size and are rarely seen, even during their mating season where they perform complex dance routines (like a Las Vegas showgirl... only with marginally more hair... and bigger teeth) to try and win the affection of a female.

On a cold Autumn night, if you listen carefully you will hear their song carried on the wind.


Anonymous said...

funny drawing and story.

rogue evolent said...

Yup! Your Welsh mountain monster may be one of the best creations you've come up with in a long time. What a loveable creature. I smile every time I look at him and imagine him yodeling/singing :)
10 out of 10 Shane!
- Jay (rogue evolent)